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Book OwnersThis section of the Web site is for those people who have purchased the book entitled "Selling a Home Privately in New Zealand".

The book contains A5 sized example worksheets and forms that cover all aspects involved in the preparation and sale of a home. The full A4 sized worksheets, checklists and forms are available via the Book Owners Login section. They are extremely useful and they will ensure you do not miss important details. They also cut down the preparation time required, help you plan and are an aid for marketing your property.

If you don't currently own a copy of the book then for more information about why selling your home privately might be right for you, read about selling privately and you may wish to purchase a copy of the book.


Book Owners Login

This section requires a user name and password to access the worksheets and forms. To get this information read the Web Site section in the book.

Login here once you have the user name and password.