Buying Privately in New Zealand

Buying property

If you want to buy a home or property, what difference does it make if you go through a real estate agent or deal directly with the home owner? At the end of the day, you will have seen the property, liked it and will want to make an offer regardless of who's selling it. The home owner will also be able to answer any of your questions - after all, they are the ones who have lived there.

Essentially if the asking price matches what you believe the market price is (and we're sure that you would have looked around at other homes in the area), then by dealing directly with the owner you know exactly where you stand. Often both parties are happier after reaching an agreement rather than perhaps feeling they were being managed or pressured by a real estate agent in some way.

Steps to Buying a Private Sale House or Property

The basic steps to buying real estate in New Zealand privately are very similar to the steps required if you are using a real estate agent. The main difference is that you will be dealing directly with the property owner in terms of price and any buying conditions you may have, and will present your offer via solicitors instead of a real estate agent.

These basic steps are:

Criteria - What Do I Need in a Property?

The first step to buying a property is deciding what you want in a new home. Work out what you can compromise on, and what you definitely need. This will give you a useful guide in finding potential properties you can then go and see.

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Finance - Mortgage Loans

Once you are serious about purchasing a new home or property, you need to contact a bank, building society or mortgage broker to work out the finance for the loan to buy a property. This will give you a guide on which properties you can afford to buy.

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Search - Where Do I Look?

Finding properties for sale privately in New Zealand is not hard. You can search online private house sales websites such as this website, TradeMe and Google. You can look in local newspapers. And you can look out for property For Sale signs that aren't branded with real estate agent details.

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Offer - How Do I Make an Offer?

So you've found a property you really like, the next step is to make an offer on it. The best process is to talk to the property owner and find out how they want that offer - verbally, by email or direct from your solicitor who will write up your terms for the offer of purchase.

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How to sell a house in New Zealand

The Complete Guide to Selling a Home in New Zealand

Buy the book: "The Complete Guide to Selling a Home in New Zealand" is full of information and will guide you through the selling process. Being aware of how to sell your own home privately will enable you to understand what's involved and will give you an insight into the buying aspects with confidence. As a buyer you won't be interested in the lead up the sale of a home, but the section in the book on negotiation, offers and paperwork will provide a valuable insight into the process.