About DIY Real Estate

DIY Real Estate has been helping people sell their homes privately for over 20 years. Our business was borne from a desire to help people make an informed decision about selling a home privately and to ensure they maximise their chances of success.

The company's owner Garry Bond identified that while people were selling their own homes privately, many people were either not sure how to go about selling privately, not doing a good job or were unsuccessful due to their lack of skills, knowledge or professionalism.

The company has at its core a background in financial and general management, writing, sales and marketing, human resources, IT and computing, purchasing, retail, wholesale, manufacturing, systems, product and business development.

Along with all the useful information that is freely available on this website, our online store includes:

All our products are high quality, cost effective and prfoessionally designed to make selling your property as smooth as possible.

Best Selling Author

Garry Bond - Director

Garry Bond is the best selling author of the book entitled "Selling a Home Privately in New Zealand".  He spent two years researching and putting together an easy to follow system that greatly enhances an individual's ability to succeed when selling privately.

This information is available throughout our website, and the book is available for purchase through our online store.

Please contact us for more information or if we can help in any way.

The sale was confirmed a few days after our deadline. The process was good and we used the DIY Real Estate signage and brochures. They worked really well.

Chris Bridgman, Christchurch

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