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Selling Privately Book

Do you want to know how to sell a house or property privately? Have you ever looked for information about selling your own home privately? When the author was wanting to sell his own home privately there wasn't much available and getting good information was difficult. What was around was either very short on detail or didn't explain things in any logical manner.

Official statistics indicate we move house every 7 to 8 years - that's a lot of commission to pay over a lifetime and buying the book is a once only investment. On a $900,000 house sale, it would take you on average over 1000 hours of work (about 6 months) at $29 per hour to recoup the amount you just paid in real estate agents commission fees.

This professionally written book (over 130 pages) has sold over 5,000 copies to date. It covers selling a home privately in New Zealand and could possibly be the best investment you will ever make. If you have the question "How to sell a house?" then do it the right way and maximise your chance of a successful sale - buy the book.

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What's In The Book?

This book is the complete guide to selling a home in New Zealand and could save you thousands not only now but for any future property sales you may make. The easy to read chapters are broken into 8 logical steps.

  1. Pricing your Home correctly and the selling options available
  2. Solicitors Roles and where they fit in
  3. Preparation and Presenting your Home to get the best results
  4. Property Details including chattels and location
  5. Advertising and Marketing for maximum effect
  6. Buyer Enquires and how to handle them
  7. Buyer Inspections and Open Homes
  8. Offers, Negotiation and Paperwork simplified with clear instructions on what options you have when a buyer wants to make an offer plus the legal jargon and contract explained in plain english.

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Hear the author of 'Selling a Home Privately in New Zealand' being interviewed on the radio.

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During the weekend I read through most of it. Later I will read individual sections again and act upon their suggestions. So far, I have been extremely impressed with the content and presentation of the book - not only because the information in it will be very useful to me, but also because it gives me confidence that I CAN sell my house privately.
R Chapman, Havelock North

Basically the book gave me the confidence I needed to sell the place privately. On my own, I would not have attempted it.
S Murray, Auckland


Book Information

TITLE: Selling a Home Privately in New Zealand

DESCRIPTION: The Complete and Practical Guide to Selling your Home Privately

RRP: $39.95

ISBN: 0-473-09405-3


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The book can be ordered directly and is a great first step to selling privately.

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The author's business expertise and desire to make the process of selling as easy to understand as possible, makes this book very readable and user friendly. Home owners all have a different set of circumstances, skills or business experience so this book caters for people from all walks of life and details all of the processes in a logical step by step fashion.