Selling Privately in New Zealand

How to sell privately NZ

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Increasing numbers of people are either selling privately or are considering a private sale as a viable home sell option in New Zealand. Let's look at some of the reasons homeowners choose to sell their own homes and in doing so, you can consider the facts before deciding on selling privately or selling via the traditional method with a real estate agent who will charge thousands in commission.

Have a read through the following points and find out if the DIY homesell option could be right for you.

Reasons to Sell Privately

There are plenty of good reasons to sell a property privately yourself.

Points to Consider

There are plenty of points to consider in favour of the home owner selling their house or property themselves.

Yes I Want To Sell Privately

It's time to take some action and start planning now about selling your home yourself.


Listen to Garry Bond being interviewed about selling a property privately on the Radio.

Book about how to sell a house privately in New Zealand


Buy the book about how to sell real estate privately today - it's full of information which will guide you through the steps, the jargon and everything else involved in selling your home. It may even help you finalise your decision to sell privately.

"I enjoyed reading your book – it was informative and the checklists were very useful in making sure we had all the information. Thanks heaps." Carole Peterson, Christchurch


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