Open Home Signs & Information

Real estate open home signs are a 'must have' item when preparing to have an open home. Be well prepared before having your potential buyers into your home.


These open home signs really stand out from the crowd. Use them outside your property (usually in the grass strip or garden) to point visitors to your home during an open home. Also very useful to have another one or two placed down at the street entrance and even a bit further afield. This will catch those simply driving past who maybe interested in buying in the area.

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Open homes are very popular and almost all real estate agents use them as a major part of their marketing campaign. They are a more relaxed and casual way to view a home without the perceived obligation or pressure that appointment buyers may feel. Most open home buyers prefer to look around the property themselves but it’s up to you. Sometimes there are just too many people to show around and you are better off staying in a central location to greet buyers and answer questions. Another benefit of an open home is that if a buyer is interested then there may be more urgency on their part because they know others are viewing the property as well.


You know the exact time of the appointment or open home so start early and get yourself prepared. The last thing you need is a frantic rush to cut the lawns or do the dishes etc. You should be controlling the situation so allow enough time otherwise it can be very stressful. Make sure all of the housework is done. Your home’s presentation should already be up to scratch so it should be just a matter of tidying and cleaning etc. Do the dishes, wipe around the floor of the shower, check to see that there’s no  dirty washing protruding from the laundry basket etc.

You may want to check your insurance policy to see if it covers stolen or broken goods while your home is for sale and if you are covered while you are holding open homes. If something goes missing, you might not be covered.

Visitor Register: Make sure you have a visitor register to record the vistors name, phone and email (plus always useful to find out where they saw your property advertised).


Preferably organise for any children to be cared for or taken to the park as they can be distracting to potential buyers and they may say the wrong thing at the wrong time! Ideally dogs should also be away from the property while cats need to be outside. In winter, warm your home on cold days. Have the fire or heater going to create a sense of cosiness and in the summer air your home. A vase of freshly cut flowers always adds to the homeliness and definitely turn off the TV as this will be a distraction. Mood music in the background is okay and some people percolate coffee or have fresh baking smells. Your main aim is to create a positive environment that will make the potential buyer feel at home and at ease. It’s a good idea to remove or hide valuables and personal effects.

If possible, have two of you at the open home. Generally one person will greet the visitors while the other casually wanders around the home or helps out if it gets busy.

Lastly, if the main entrance to the home gives a great view of the laundry or toilet, make sure the door is closed!


Note: If you have a brochure box at the gate then remove all of the information sheets before an open home or before an appointment buyer arrives. You want people to actually view your property rather than be tempted to just take an information sheet.